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Australia Week 60: 30.12.2013 – 05.01.2014 Monday:- I didn’t sleep too well – too warm! Can you believe it!!! I lounged in bed for way too long and eventually got up around 10. I made a smoothie – coconut water (of course), mango, banana, kale and ginger. And to ensure I had a balanced breakfast I also had buttered toast. I showered, changed and meditated. It had been way too long since my last one. It was a beautiful day and


Week 60: 30.12.2013 – 05.01.2014


I didn’t sleep too well – too warm! Can you believe it!!!

I lounged in bed for way too long and eventually got up around 10. I made a smoothie – coconut water (of course), mango, banana, kale and ginger. And to ensure I had a balanced breakfast I also had buttered toast.

I showered, changed and meditated. It had been way too long since my last one. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to get out. I remembered the way to the local shops so headed out. Blue, blue sky and a fresh clear freeze. Perfect. I cut through the houses, a strange mix of wonderful tropical agapanthus and Christmas lights! The area around the shops had continued to expand in my absence. There was a community centre, more bars and restaurants and a few more fitness places, including a boxing gym. Might have to give that a go.

I browsed around the new places and popped into the cinema to see what was on later. Then onto Woolworths to stock up on food. I really wanted to improve my diet here and get my fitness up so stocked up on healthy food. Packed it into my backpack and set off back home. I arrived just as Nigel got back from work . It was late to have lunch but then I had had a late brekkie. So smoked salmon and cottage cheese, followed by carrot, apple, ginger and lime juice from my new juicer. Marvellous!

The rest of the afternoon I sat in the hammock in the sunshine. Bliss!

Nigel cooked dinner again, then time in front of the TV


I got up earlier today but not much! Ange and Nige had already left for work!

Breakfast is obviously the first priority of the day and I made another smoothie. It was New Year’s Eve day and the Crawley’s were not only hosting an afternoon BBQ for Gareth’s friends, they were also having their own friends around in the evening. Nigel had tasked me with a project – dessert!

For the first time in a long time I searched through cookery books for inspiration. Now, this project is a little more challenging as the oven here (soon to be replaced) is rather unpredictable and I didn’t want to risk a last minute burnt disaster. I couldn’t decide between lemon cheesecake and chocolate mousse so I did both.

Gareth, who has now passed his driving licence and is mobile, dropped me at the shops. I picked up the few ingredients not already in the cupboard and walked back. So, I set to following the recipes!! The cheesecake was on track and looking good, the mousse however half way through the process did not look like the correct consistency. With a bit of jiggery pokery I ended up with something which looked vaguely mousse like. I left both in the fridge and kept my fingers crossed.

I was meeting Matthew tonight, a friend I made the last time I was here. The time seemed to speed past and I ended up rushing to get ready. Ange saved the day with a lift to the station and I made the second option train into Perth. I’d calculated it would take about an hour to get to Burswood, our meeting point, but actually it made good time and actually arrived on time despite catching the later train.

Matthew was late and I hung around watching the madness of people trying to park in the heaving Casino car park. By the time Matthew arrived I was cold. We skipped the Casino idea and found a quiet pub nearer the centre of Perth. Now, Matthew and I had got on really well when I was here in March. Sadly, that was not the case this time. He was late, didn’t bother to get out of the car to greet me , he hadn’t bothered with his clothes at all and when I did find his car and get in he never even bothered looking at me. I offered to leave him to new year on his own but he was insistent I stay. I really should follow my gut instinct. He wasn’t a bundle of fun and suggested I buy the second round of drinks! We also went to McDonalds!! Some reunion. On the plus side I had a G&T – it’s been a while! Needless to say my visit with Matthew was shorter than expected and it would probably be our last. In his defence, he was having a difficult time with his mother and I can only put down his total change of character to this. Shame!!! The guy I met in March was lovely and hopefully once he’s got his mother’s life sorted and consequently his own back on track, he will be that man again. One day I will have a romantic New Years!!


There was a lot of food left over from the previous night and so breakfast was not so healthy. Not one, but two, sausages in a roll. By god, though, they were good. And not a juice in sight!

I showered, dressed and generally lounged about for most of the day. I was weeks behind on my blog and today was the day to catch up.

I had smoked salmon again for a late lunch and some of the leftover cheesecake. It had been quite a hit. The mousse on the other hand, made with 85% dark chocolate, was just way too bitter for most peoples palates and so there was a fair amount of that to finish.

Once my blog was looking healthier I started on a new Facebook page. This one would be for my potential new business and career. You never know! It’s only a starter for 10 to help me get a better feel for my idea – even the page name ‘Lulu’s page’ is temporary until I think of a business name. Although ‘Craig’s List’ in the US seems to be quite well known so maybe ‘Lulu’s page’ might stick. If you get a moment to check it out please let me know what you think including any ideas for improvement.

Here’s the link…

That was pretty much my day – very lazy but perfect.


Not feeling so good was starting to become a habit!!!! Maybe it’s the change of environment but whatever it was it slowed me down. I had an even easier day than yesterday. But I did do some housework, laundry and organised the pantry (OCD mode strikes again)

I had some healthy food, if you ignore the extremely delicious toad in the hole Ange made for dinner, including a smoothie and juices.

I relaxed, meditated, snoozed, worked out my spending and budget for the last few months, took a short trip out with Ange, and not much else.


I had a rough night of tossing and turning but woke feeling much better!

After meditation I decided to walk to Joondalup. It’s a fair way, especially in the heat. I made it after about an hour and only needed to ask for directions once, and that was only because he was a dishy DIY man doing so work on someone’s house. When I arrived at the shops I splashed out and bought some extras to add to my daily smoothie – chia seeds, goji berries and spirulina. These would last me and I could take them back to Chiang Mai.



I got a cheeky ride back on the train, feeling rebellious I decided to skip the tag-on machine and ride for free. I got away with it too!

I had a late lunch when I eventually got back and as I had the place to myself – the family had gone to watch 20/20 – I decided to colour my hair. That’s pretty brave for me, although it was just a temporary one which only lasts 8 washes. I’d chosen a redfish colour and decided to leave it in for the max effect. Wow, it was bright!


Dinner was just a juice drink before bed.


Gareth (Ange and Nigel’s eldest) had had a party that night. They decided to sit outside my window, play music, and talk about girls, girls and girls. It was the early hours when sleep eventually kicked in.

I wanted to get out and about today so decided to walk to Burns Beach which was about half an hour away – I found a kids scooter along the way and gave it a spin. I’m not sure that mode of transport is for me!I made it there breathed in the sea air (it was windy!), and as it was such a lovely day I carried on along the coastal path.





I walked for two and a half hours and made it to Mullaloo where I stopped and had lunch at Dome. I sat on the sea front and watched the world go by.







Still feeling energetic I then walked back. It was a 5 hour round trip and by the end my feet were killing me. I was also well and truly sunburnt on my shoulders!!




We all sat and watched a movie that evening – Woman in Black. Pretty good, and Harry Potter was great in it.


Another wonderfully relaxing day of work out, meditation, reading in the hammock whilst basking in the warmth of the sun, and eating well.

The evening was a treat. Nigel and Ange took me into Joondalup and I bought bargain ASIC running shoes. I will get fit again!

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