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Australia Week 15: 18.02.2013 – 24.02.2013 Monday:- I woke up at 1:30am and managed to get back to sleep until 5 ish. Spent some time updating my blog then got up. Waited for Ange and the boys to leave, Nigel had left around 6, and then had breakfast. I was home alone for the first time in weeks so wasn’t sure what to do. A relatively lazy day. I did some housework in exchange for my free boarding, and generally pottered.


Week 15: 18.02.2013 – 24.02.2013


I woke up at 1:30am and managed to get back to sleep until 5 ish. Spent some time updating my blog then got up. Waited for Ange and the boys to leave, Nigel had left around 6, and then had breakfast.

I was home alone for the first time in weeks so wasn’t sure what to do. A relatively lazy day. I did some housework in exchange for my free boarding, and generally pottered. Nigel and Gareth were home around 3, with a quick turnaround and back out to work at the gym. I decided to go with them and make use of my gym pass. Today I managed a twenty minute run and 20 minute swim. The pool was massive and chockablock with gala swimmers and public users. They take their swimming seriously here!!

By the time I was changed and our at reception to get my lift home the sticky stuff had hit the fan and Nigel was up to his elbows trying to sort it out – he’d be a while. I had time to kill so lay in the sun and then did what any self respecting girl can do…..went shopping. I walked to the nearest shopping mall only to find most of the shops closed at 5:30!!!! KMart and Woolworths were open and they kept me entertained for an hour before heading back. I had a few minutes to wait for the lift home so sat outside in the balmy evening. What a bonus! The AFL guys were training. About 20 hot, sweaty, topless young men were running back and forth towards me doing speed tests – there is a god!! (Apologies for the picture quality – my hands were shaking!!!!)

Home, dinner and bed (sweet dreams of AFL!)


I was starting to get into a great sleep pattern which meant sleeping longer. I read for a while then headed out to to kitchen. Ange was up and ready to take the boys to school then hit her spin class. I was supposed to go but my legs were sore from two days of getting back into running. I made my first ‘Rose’ inspired smoothie for breakfast. I’m trying a new healthier diet – more nuts, fruit and all round good stuff. For a first attempt the smoothie was ok but much room for improvement.

Ange was soon back and as it was her day off we headed out to Kings Park.



An absolutely glorious day – the park is amazing and full of fabulous trees and sculptures so I was in my element (you’ll notice that from all the photos!!). It’s a huge place and we only covered a small corner.








The heat, hunger and limited time before the boys needed picking up from school forced us to move on. We stopped at Hilary’s for a fast food, cheap (it’s pretty pricey here) chinky lunch, and a frozen yoghurt – which is paid for by weight, so if you just want a small sweet hit its perfect- before heading back.


Out again with Ewan for football training near the city. Ange and I went for a walk and I stocked up on more fruit and veg. They have some strange pastimes here! The sun set signalled the return journey home, stopping to pick up fish and chips for dinner.


Darren had emailed me with a chance of a night river dive – how exciting. I just needed to contact his brother to set it up for next week. Too late tonight but top of the list for tomorrow.

Off to bed


Smoothie #2 was a hit this morning- a kiwi, banana and kale combo. Surprisingly good!

A domestic morning. Made a lasagne for dinner – the first for a while and a special high volume blended vegetable version which Ewan would eat. Despite a very smoky oven which filled the house with cooking fumes it turned out OK. A few hours with the doors open and you’d never know I nearly burnt the place down. I also let my OCD tendencies kick in this morning and sorted out the fridge, freezer, pantry and cupboard. I didn’t turn all the labels to face the front (in true Sleeping With The Enemy style) but it was joked about. I spoke with John and set up a night river dive for the following Tuesday.

Lunch and then a very lazy afternoon lying in the hammock in 40+ temperatures.

I made a salad to go with the lasagne which actually was a hit.

I had a quick run around the block before bed – strangely getting a call about a mis-sold PPI I’d taken out in 2005 (really????) about half way around. The guy hung up a bit quick when I told him I was in Australia.


Ange’s other day off in the week. Only working Monday, Wednesday and Friday seems very civilised to me!

Today, after smoothie time of course, I headed to Arena with Ange for her Body Pump class. The first time I’ve ever done such a class and I loved it. I was on nearly the lowest weights (some of the girls had mega weights) but still felt the burn. Looking forward to next week’s class already.

Back for a quick change and out. Today we were going to Hilary’s for shopping and lunch. It was a scorcher of a day and the air-con in the stores was very welcome. Sushi for lunch. 2 bikinis, t-shirt and a pair of trousers later we headed back, via Target!!


Lazy afternoon and evening, Pad Thai for dinner and then bed.


It was Nigel’s day off and he was taking me out to see some of the local area. We headed out quite early and drove along the coast to Mettams Pool for a spot of snorkelling. We realised, when we arrived, the sea was too rough for snorkelling so we wandered along the beach – picking up shells and stuff just like my childhood holidays in Cornwall. The beach and surrounding area was pretty busy for week day and it was mostly women – kept ladies what lunch. There was a group of women camped out on the sand with their children and picnics etc – these were the surf Mums, and they took it in turn to surf or look after the children. Sounds like a good set up to me!




We turned back and headed for the car. A quick visit to the beach side ladies – there was my mantra for the day, and beyond, scribbled on the back of the door.


Next stop tea and biscuits at another marina – there is such a thing as an ANZAC biscuit would you believe. Nigel had one and there and then I made it my mission to have one before I left.

Next stop ‘the potato store’ – a grocery store which stocks the Crawley’s spuds of choice. We bought way more than we needed (including a box of ANZAC biscuits) so had a trolley load before we left. Not before Nigel destroyed the Dr Pepper display – how embarrassing!!

I bought a stamp for my Mothers Day card (Mum – it’s winging its way to you as we speak), stocked up on thumb drives for my photos, bought a crate of beer for John as a thank you for the forthcoming night dive, and purchased a tonne of vitamin B tablets to help me with bug bites in future locations. I made a number of other purchases at the chemist, which I won’t go into, but I never knew there was such variety (and more to the point neither did Nigel) – an entertaining and education time was had by all though.

Home for lunch, reading, a swim in the pool – the weather was cool but the water was lovely. This is the life.

I was on dinner duty. Ewan had eaten already, Gareth was on burger and a mash sandwich, and the rest of us were quiche with either salad on beans (Nigel is sooo anti salad).

The rest of the evening was spent trying to download photos from my memory cards to a thumb drive on the Crawley’s computer. After a surprise power outage, an unexpected auto log off, and an issue with my iPAd, I made it. Well worth the effort as my photos were copied and safe.


By the time I got up Ange, Nigel, and Ewan had gone out to cricket for the morning. Gareth was still recovering from the previous nights party.

Smoothie version 4!

As promised I’d cleaned ange’s car and did a few chores. Made a quick lunch for me and Ange and then went to my second ever body pump class whilst Nigel used the gym. The class was pretty tough despite me still being on a low weight bar. We finished with push ups, sit ups and the plank!!!!!!!!! I will get better at this.

Quick change and then out to watch Gareth play football. Beautiful sunshine again!

Tonight was girlie nite so Ange and I got dolled up, got Nigel to be taxi, and headed to Kim’s (one of Ange’s friends). There was tonnes of food, booze, more food, dancing, the wearing of strange wigs and hats and all round good fun. These girls know how to boogie!




I’m glad to report that after the walk home we both in good shape.


Today the unheard of happened – there was no sport of any kind on the Crawley agenda so everyone had a lie in.

To celebrate we went out for breakfast on the beachfront. FAN-TAST-IC!


Then shopping with Ange and the boys – Gareth had a school ball coming up so new shoes and a suit where on the list. I bought a completely impractical pair of shoes for 20 bucks which is a real bargain. They turned me into an excited small child who had to wear them home in the car.

I have to add that I actually managed to get the front seat of the car on the way home – no small feat with 2 teenage boys!!!

As soon as we were back Nigel took me to the gym whilst the boys had a kick about and I had a swim. Bloody freezing water but really empty. 20 x 50m lengths and I was done.

Back home but out again for the flicks – in my new shoes. Play book Silver Lining – an unusual must see film

Barbie night – so much food – and relax. Phew what a day!

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