A Life Less Ordinary: Part 1

In 2012 I left my job to travel for a year. You can read the full, blow by blow, details of this trip in ‘The Trip: 2012 – 2014’ category.

However, for those of you more image orientated ‘A Life Less Ordinary’ is a series of photo books which summarises my adventures just in photos!

This book, Part 1, covers the period of Week 1 to 13.

Click the photo or link just below. A new tab will open and take you to my Photobox* page – wait for the book to load, then click the green ‘view book’ to view my photobook. For best viewing click the ‘full screen’ box (esc to exit).

A Life Less Ordinary: Part 1

*Photobox is the web site I use to produce my photo books. Don’t panic when the page loads! You are not signing up to anything or buying anything when just viewing.

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