A Life Less Ordinary: Part 2

In 2012 I left my job to travel for a year. You can read the full, blow by blow, details of this trip in ‘The Trip: 2012 – 2014’ category.

However, for those of you more image orientated ‘A Life Less Ordinary’ is a series of photo books which summarises my adventures just in photos!

This book, Part 2, covers the period of Week 14 to 21, and 59 to 61.

Click the photo or link just below. A new tab will open and take you to my Photobox* page – wait for the book to load, then click the green ‘view book’ to view my photobook. For best viewing click the ‘full screen’ box (esc to exit).

A Life Less Ordinary: Part 2

*Photobox is the web site I use to produce my photo books. Don’t panic when the page loads! You are not signing up to anything or buying anything when just viewing.


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