April 24th 2016 (Ubud, Bali)

Our new abode for a few days. The garden is wonderful and so are the views!










An equally amazing view from a friends house. With so much water around it’s all so lush and green 🙂

More sights from in and around Ubud




A very lucky escape from a falling coconut branch!

A cicada – this is what makes those deafening sounds







The ‘Rocky Temple’ – Pura Gunung Kawi






A wrong turn serendipitously brought us here










I took a batik class…..when in Rome!

First draw the design then, using heated beeswax, mark out the design



Using special batik dyes, which work in two clever stages, fill in the colour


Finally, cover the whole design with paraffin wax, dip in the two stage blue dye, boil to remove the wax and dry!



Ta dah!

These can’t be Aylesbury ducks…can they?

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  1. Graham says:

    Another lovely set of pictures once again brings back happy memories x

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