April 3rd 2016 (Chiang Mai and Bali)

Crazy Thai car stickers!

Gecko on a wire!

Very cool lighting in this bar!

Wise words indeed!


A proper ‘date night’ with a 3 course meal. In our excitement over the starter we forgot the photo!


THE tiniest dog I have EVER seen!

The bakery home of the famous 3 baht cookie, and said 3 baht cookie


The journey to Bali.



The first sensible thing to have happened all day!!

The first full day in Ubud



It’s not just trash – can you see the Monitor lizard?








The route through the rice paddy to our Bali ‘home’



Japanese lunch in Indonesia!


More Bali sights





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  1. Clare Boscott says:

    Am I going something wrong, I can’t open this?? Cx

    • dejalulu says:

      Hi Clare

      I published this one before it was ready so had to block it for a day whilst I finished. You should be able to view it now. 🙂 I hope all is well with you xx

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