August 17th 2015 (Chiang Mai)

I hope the Postman is grateful!

Foot massage in the park – assume the position

How cool is this little bug?

Retro Thai?

Guitar lesson

Thats one crazy bike!

Hoola workout. Sorry about the shorts – I never wear them in public – promise! 🙂

Opening night at Thapae East. How old is the awesome drummer?!

Opening night at Thapae East

At long last ‘Rat’ and I make friends

You just can’t get decent staff these days

Makes me wonder why they needed the sign!

Chiang Mai petrol prices per litre – 23.64 is about 50p

Japanese for lunch – I have this EVERY time. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it I say!

Leo’s birthday at Tea Tree – wonderful evening! 🙂 🙂

The birthday girl

“Frankie: Design, Art, Photography, Fashion, Travel, Music, Craft, Home, Life” Yep, that just about sums you up xx

The quaint roads of Chiang Mai

Lunch at Scott’s

Lunch! There is a god!

Chiang Mai’s famous brick laying cat – he’s called Jengo

Even the cats and dogs get on here!


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