August 24th 2015 (Chiang Mai and Hua Hin)


Boy Blues Bar – Monday night jam

Caught in the downpour at my old place

Fresh ocre – Delish!

A hidden treasure – sometimes taking the shortcut is worth it

An Oleander Hawk Moth caterpillar…..obviously!

This is the tiniest coffee house I’ve ever been in, but they have the art of coffee (I’m still happy to just look)


Anyone know what ‘Innerwear’ is exactly????

Another awesome bug

Late night tunes!

I regularly pass this food stand – no idea what any of it is!

Luckily no one noticed the lack of orange robe when we checked in at the desk

When they said it was a small plane……….!

I think the sign is a little misleading

Above the clouds

First sign on leaving Hua Hin airport – wise words indeed

So the condo is just a short walk away huh!

Seriously big bug to greet us – like hand span size!

Sound MERS advice – I’ll try to avoid eating camel!

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