August 31st 2015 (Hua Hin and Cha Am)

What a view to wake up to!

Huge jellyfish stranded on the beach – I wish I could say this was the only one

A Rolling Stone gathers no customers!

How cute is this police sign to encourage wearing helmets

The locals fishing

Nothing better than finding a big bug on your towel – not!


That’s handy – I always feel tired after a big meal

Hua Hin street scene

Perfect view

Does anyone know the name of this 3 foot fish? (And no I don’t mean Bert!)

Does anyone know the name of this 2 foot fish?

She saw seashells on the seashore


Just fabulous food

He’s perfecting his sand angel technique

A most bizarre shopping mall

Ummm, speechless!

In Thailand? Really?

There’s something not quite right about this image!

You can pick up crabs on the corner of the night market

And you would stay here why???

Lobster and baked spuds at the night market. Now you’re talking!

Hua Hin harbour at night


Geeks on tour 🙂

Fresh fish at the road side market in Cha Am

Yep, the beach was as empty as it looked

This guy spray paints pretty accurate portraits in minutes – what a talent!

The pool – a glorious full kilometre loop

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