August 3rd 2015 (Chiang Mai)

A short walk away and I get this view of the River Ping

Chiang Mai Rainbow – we live just behind those houses. Maybe there be gold!

Each house has its own special little box for the electric bill

Anahit and John at Papa Rock showing off their huge portions – ooo ah!

Sometimes riding pillion isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!!!

Sign found in the cash and carry. Frogs for 79 baht a kilo!!! Really?? (PS if you don’t like this picture, best skip the next one!)

And just to prove it.

Anyone any good with electrics?

You can guess this one

Fish for sale at the supermarket – unwrapped and out on display

A monk interested in brik-a-brak. New mobile phone case maybe!

Pork and noodles from the supermarket food court. Tasty and just 80p

The ever vigilant traffic police

Papayas growing in the trees in the side streets

The local children are so at home on a scooter. At least this one is awake.

These amulets are everywhere in Thailand. Anyone who’s anyone has one or twenty

I think I’ll pass!

This one nearly had my finger off!

Beautiful lotus flower

Dog days!

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