December 7th 2015 (Chiang Mai)

The new look VW camper van

Nature at its best – it’s like jewellery…….but better!

I’ve posted something similar before but today EVERYTHING arrived at the same time (must be because it’s the King’s birthday)!!

007 – or should I say sun, sun, chet!

These amulets always draw a crowd – I’m not sure I understand the appeal!

The randomness of the second hand market

Line dancing at the market

More puppies for sale – I continue to hope they go to good homes!

The Thai lettering makes these seem so artsy!

This is a very cleverly woven ants nest – impressive huh!

My inspirational view – shame you can’t hear the birds!

T-shirt designs taking shape

Time to unpack the warm clothes – the evenings are a tad chilly (I know, I know…but it’s all relative!)

A great turnout for Mojo’s last night – including this awesome 7, yes 7, year old drummer

The audience had to take the back seats out on the street. Even the paparazzi struggled to get a good view


Someone’s enjoying her lunch on a stick!! But more nutritious than the other option!


The cats have been at it again and now the ants have moved in. And this is what the ants reduced it to in a matter of days!


“I want some food and in return I will give you nothing!” – typical cat! 🙂

For months I’ve been wondering why my papaya seeds never sprouted – carried away by ants. Little devils!

A DejaLulu gift to my dear friend Ann, with a birthday message on the back – thankfully it arrived safely!


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