Is that the end?

August 18th 2012

You’d think that would be it, but then you’d be wrong. August 18th and I was back on the train to London. This time for the Flashmob. We did 3; Tate Modern, St. Paul’s, and Trafalgar Square. It was a beautiful day and so many volunteers turned up to perform. Some familiar faces – including Katherine. At least I got to run through the hard learned routine a few more times. Even now when one of the tracks plays on the radio I can run through the routine in my head and sometimes even in reality in the front room.

This is how I remember the course of events but as time goes by I’m sure I’ll add a few more details. My experience will stay with me and from time to time I catch myself smiling when I inadvertently think back to the days of personal challenges and bonds of friendship.

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