January 17th 2016 (Chiang Mai)

So we missed the water collection this week. Our bottles and money remained by the gate all week. Would that happen where you live?

Having lunch with the cat!


A long overdue haircut x 2


Really? A hot water bottle? In Thailand? Hell yes….its cold at night!


I spotted this local graffiti which looks just like a stone a recently painted!

A lunch time pit stop

Someone looks very interested in the birdcage!

This seemed a rather odd combination

As a rule I’m not a fan of small dogs but ‘Rat’ has won me round

This is a Hill Tribe hat – I’m not sure all the Hill Tribe women smile like this though

I can’t resist a bargain

These crazy kids really drew in the crowd. They had zero talent but bags of confidence

Seeing eggs for sale like this still makes me smile

Such beautiful design and fortunately vacated

I’ve decided to get some of my favourite clothes copied. This wonderful, cheerful lady is superb and charges next to nothing

Sunday walking street

With helpful signage

Strawberry season! Despite their lack of colour they are super delicious

I guess the dry season brings the seeds

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