January 24th 2016 (Chiang Mai)

Fish shapes for kids……not for me thanks!

Grit’s leaving Tea Tree jam 🙁


Sewing machine fixed (for 2 quid) and ready for action again

Finally……a Dim Sum restaurant. I gave the duck’s foot option a miss though!


Road House Bar…with live music. Ol and Dave just setting up


Toilet instructions at Maya. I have to admit the ‘dry’ setting was a little …surprising!

This is a bank! I know, a bank!!!! It looks more like a cool bar don’t you think?

Do you see the face in the tree?

The annual Chiang Mai photographic exhibition. Brings back memories of 2 years ago 🙂



Gossip Bar session – wow it’s been a fabulous week for music!

Thai snack – rice in coconut milk steamed in bamboo. Delicious!

Jo said “put magnets on the back of your stones!” Done! 🙂 xx

And then the rains came

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  1. Clare says:

    Hi Louise, great photos as usual – can’t open the magnet stones ones tho.

  2. Anne says:

    Good idea to put magnets on your stones. What about Necklaces ? Yes I did see face in the tree. M x

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