January 3rd 2016 – HAPPY NEW YEAR (Chiang Mai)

Slowly back to running – hoping to keep it up into the new year!

What a fabulous location for lunch

Peppercorns – did you know they grew like this?

More building work starting in our street so another traditional blessing ceremony

How cute is this verbal little critter? But he won’t be when he grows up!

This add caught me eye

New Year at Boys Blues Bar

Celebrations with friends – even Ron gets a look in!!

Narawat Bridge

Very quiet on the streets of Chiang Mai once the new year had been welcomed in


Interesting reading on the ‘Butter Is Better’ restaurant tabletop

The beauty of the dry season. Inspiration is everywhere!


Weird and wonderful seed pods. The ants are on the march but the terrapin is not!


So that’s clear then! No snogging, playing of electric guitars or spraying champagne in the temple!

Another sign of the dry season – this is a stream!

A little sun and a little shade – perfect!

Unexpected colour in the forest and the leaves look painted!


Almost too perfect to be real!

Well water to drink if you’re brave enough

A stairway to draw you into quiet contemplation

An unusual offering – a few fags and a box of matches!

A wood paved walkway – I love this!

This is probably the cutest offering I’ve seen

Its wings open to the sun. Then another beauty and another!


White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits

The 3 wise Buddhas

So striking

That’s one big spider!

What amazing levitation powers

Many thanks to Rod and Daphne for a wonderful afternoon. We even managed a swim!


And only very healthy food…as long as you don’t count Christine’s choccie mousse 🙂


DejaLulu and Yoga with Daphne come together 🙂


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