July 20th 2015 (Chiang Mai)


Tending the pool gardens

My mean machine

Old town traffic

Sunday walking street market

Water Garden

Someone famous is singing at the mall – no idea who it is (that’s because I’m not 18 and Thai)

6pm – whatever you are doing stand still and silent for the national anthem. Yes, this happens every day at 8am and 6pm.

Fresh fruit served with a smile

Poodle couture

The pool – £2 a day (includes the gym)

The gym

The office (with PA)!

Street art

It’s mango season

Food court, thai stylee

Street musicians

Considering the coolest glasses at the second hand market. Are they me???

This tree frog gave me a start on laundry day!

Live music at Tha Pae gate

Beautiful foliage (what do you think Bob?)

Immediately after the rains come the flowers

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