July 27th 2015 (Chiang Mai)

The scooter parking lot being used alternatively

Street art


A whole isle devoted to the glorious chicken…really?

Luxury seating (with blanket and pillow) in screen 7 – shame we got busted and were asked to move to the cheap seats we’d paid for! Picky, picky!!

Homage to the King before every movie, please rise.

That round silver thing is a coin the size of a 1p – gives perspective to the grubs i found in the garden!

Yes, that is a tortoise shell bag is the second hand market!!!

Bakery parking guidance – it’s all pretty easy going here!

The reason why getting up to go to the bakery on Saturdays is worth it – breakfast pizza!

These speak for themselves

The Thai flag and the King’s yellow flag

I told you it’s mango season

Cheese and wine evening don’t you know!

I’ve always loved Thai food 😉

Rich, vibrant fabrics from the market

Street sign

Evening walks around our moobaan (which means village) are enriched by this little one and her brother

Aren’t these the cutest rascals?!

We see you!

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