Camargue and the Frenchman (June 2014)

After what seemed like a very long journey from Santiago de Compostela I reached my destination. France. Montpellier to be precise.

I was met by my dear friend Richard. We had forged our friendship amongst an amazing community in Chiang Mai and now I was to be a guest at his home in Les Saintes Marie de la Mer, Camargue. Needless to say Richard (aka Monsieur Le Frenchman or The Cats Herder) was the most charming host, despite my stay lasting much longer than either of us had anticipated!  I was shown the local, and not so local, sights as well as being fed regularly and wholesomely. And the weather was terrific. This really was the life!

This is my photographic account of a fabulous trip – be warned there are a lot of pictures!

Arrival in Montpellier



Home for a week, or three!





And all the sights…….

The church of the Saintes Maries de la Mer – home of Saint Sara







The totally awesome market and the even more awesome Alchemist (the wizard of all things olives, garlic and sun dried tomatoes, and oh so much more)






The beautiful brackish marshlands. Complete with flamingos (yes flamingos!!!)




The popular and pristine ‘tourist’ beach, perfect for swimming, mussel diving and just chilling






And the stunning wild beach where you can be alone and closer to nature




The town offers so much of interest to see, smell, touch and taste. A true gem!












And you get the entertainment of the bull ring (the bulls are well looked after….really)





And the carnival – this year’s colour was….yellow!!






Plus the cowboys (and cowgirls) driving the bulls through the town. At great speed I might add!




Not to mention there is A(hhhhh)rles just an hour away!























And then there are the mountains of Les Baux de Provence











 The very Bohemian Maussane Les Alpilles







Did I mention the horse riding too?



And finally all the old and new friendships we enjoyed!


La Fin!

Thanks go out to Richard Palumbo and Eloise Washbrook for their photo contributions 🙂

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