March 20th 2016 (Chiang Mai)

Fabulous yoga at the Wild Rose Yoga Studio in town



Next door’s gardener scaling a palm tree to remove the coconuts – a bit different from moving the lawn!


The new look Blue Diamond menu

Street Art!

Market offerings


They don’t actually use parboiled rice for construction….do they??

But they do feed the pigeons with it!

The beauty of an evening stroll



For all ‘Rat’ fans!

Crazy cakes at the bakery. Batman v Superman v diet!

IMG_3584  IMG_3585  IMG_3586

Bracelet making for DejaLulu


I can’t help but think my smoothie looks like something from a vampire movie – only vegetables were hurt during the making of this smoothie!

I’m sure this is super funny to those in the know!


What do you think to mine and Ol’s latest wardrobe addition??


Oh come on! They’re not that bad!!!


Vintage VW


Saturday walking street – for the best Massaman curry in town 🙂



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