May 29th 2016 (Chiang Mai)

A night at Boy Blues Bar




Breakfast at Tiffany’s…….well kind of……The German Beer Garden…and it was lunch!


The gradual ripening of papaya


Lychee season – such good value at a £1 a bag 🙂


Girls dinner at Imm Aim – welcome back Osh!


Quiz night at the Irish Pub. No we didn’t come last…second from last. It’s the taking part that matters 🙂


Street Art at the Old Cultural Centre






Parking regulations are pretty easy going here but that is pushing it!

A translation card…….could come in handy!!!

The ‘Back Stabbers’ get to play at a charity event at the Edge. Q: Why are all my photos of Jo blurred? A: She NEVER stands still for a moment! 🙂






Ron’s birthday bash…..turned out to be more of a splash!


Can you find the frog? It’s taken me weeks to find where the noisy little so and so was hiding!!


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