November 9th 2015 (Chiang Mai)

Quirky, happy roadside coffee stop. And with live music too!

Lulu! Oui, c’est moi!

Nescafe Gold – literally by the looks of it!

Speeding up customer service just got interesting

Ol playing at Boys – check out the customised geetar!

Said geetar!

Two great tomes arrived this week

Have I mentioned the insects are huge here?

Home from the market

Wasting no time before trying out my sparkly new watering from the can market

Pooped pooch!

Green tea


Temple beauty

Temple not so beauty

Gecko alert!

Local fauna…

…and flora!

Mojo’s music night

What a beaut!

My knight on his trusty steed

The cats here don’t bring home mice or birds, but snakes (albeit baby ones)!!

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