September 21st 2015 (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Morning view from the taxi on the way to Bangkok airport

Arrival in Siem Reap!

So, I thought the currency I had left over from my last trip to Cambodia would cover my costs for a bit. Turns out to be less than $1. Doh!

The guest house welcoming party!

No blog post is complete without a monk!

How very useful! (Thank you Sister Srey cafe)

A hard hitting poster! Although the begging seems less this visit

The super cool (oh yes that wonderful aircon) Temple Bakery

Extra fresh market produce after the rains had passed

It would appear that frogs are all the rage! No I haven’t tried them!

This caught my eye on an old tumble down wall

I suspect the smiles are a little misplaced! Only the duck seems to have an inkling

Lotus flower pods for sale – I think they eat the seeds found inside the pods

Some of these side streets have a real feel of Argentina

I enjoyed this movie. A love story set in the shadow of the Khmer Rouge

Definitely uses Daz!

That’s one way to transport a motorbike

River fishing

A stroll along the river

Beautiful temple garden!

I can never resist a cute cat – this is as close as they’ll let you get though!

Another scooter based snapshot of a village abode

‘Two Fat Ladies’ Cambodia stylee

The market at the end of the road at Tonle Sap

Boats on Tonle Sap – these take the tourists out to the floating village

Tonle Sap cheeky monkeys

Tonle Sap community just outside Siem Reap

Fresh pomelo salad – is your mouth watering yet?

Roadside fun snapped from the back of the scooter

One of the backroad villages we stumbled across

She’ll grow into it!

There are street vendors everywhere, including the middle of nowhere

The civil war and it’s abandoned land mines have certainly left its scars!

Arriving at the Wat?

From 5:30 until just after 6 the national park has free entry – we grabbed this small window of time to visit Angkor Wat

Beautiful late afternoon light on Angkor Wat (who’s that guy on the right!!!!)

The view from Angkor Wat out across the moat

The view from Angkor Wat out across the moat

Angkor Wat: the perfect location to wait for the sun to set

Along with everyone else!

The dusk exit of tourists leaving the national park via tuk tuk

Fried ice cream in the making – fried on a sub zero cold plate

Fried ice cream – surprisingly good!

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