UK 2018: Part 6

Cornwall the finale!

Our time in Liskeard was sadly speeding to its end.

We’d travelled to many a coastal town and driven through Bodmin moor on each occasion. It was now time to explore to see what we’d been passing by.

Cornwall: Bodmin Moor – Caradon Hill

Caradon Hill was once famous for its copper mines but these are all now closed. In its heyday, in the 19th century, the biggest copper mine in the UK was situated here. Other smaller derelict copper and tin mines can be found scattered around the base of the hill too.

And so it was time to leave our home of the last month. Our next pet sit was not for a few days so we chose to spend our last Cornish days back in a Looe Airbnb.

Cornwall: Looe

More exploring to be done.

On our last morning we took the glass bottom boat tour out around Looe Island. We would liked to have stayed just a few days more as the tide was due to be so low that it would be possible to walk to Looe Island. As it happened the boat trip was great fun!

The seals look adorable but they are the dogs of the sea and have a very large, powerful set of teeth. Keep your hands in the boat!

Looe at night was a real treat!

And we just caught the end of a practice session!

Devon: Exmouth

Our next Trusted House Sitters pet sit was in Exmouth. Only a short trip from Cornwall and into Devon.

We had a family of three to look after. Boost, Truffles and Caspar. All total characters!

We had a few days in Exmouth. Our home was easy walking distance from the town which was located at the mouth of the River Exe as it meets the sea.

Lots of walking. When the tide was out you really could walk for miles.

Casper had his daily play sessions, and he liked to play! He was more wolf/polar bear than dog. A gentle giant!

We took one of the many cruises on offer with Stuart Line Cruises. I think we the youngest on the boat by at least a decade. It wasn’t a white knuckle ride although we did spot the local seal in the distance.

Exmouth’s last word come from Boost. High 5!

Buckinghamshire: Aylesbury

Back to my hometown and a stay in my friend’s house for a few days. Then we took a taxi to Heathrow to catch our flight back to Thailand.

Until next time!

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