UK 2019: Part 3

Hello Kensington!

And ‘Hello!’ to Florence and Frieda!

Kensington was home for a truly wonderful three weeks! Florence and Frieda were such sweethearts. They had their quirks but they were well behaved on walks (apart from when a squirrel was in sight) and great company when we stayed home.

Kensington is just the best location. Kensington High Street offers all you could possibly need. Holland Park, Notting Hill, Kensington Gardens, the Albert Hall, Hyde Park and many museums are all in the vicinity. We were just steps away from a bus stop which took us into central London in about 20 minutes. We were in heaven!

We walked the dogs in Holland Park twice a day. It’s a well loved and equally used park, by people of all ages. There were children’s events taking place almost daily and dogs of every imaginable shape and size were walked here. The park has open spaces as well as enclosed woodland areas where squirrels in their dozens play amongst the established oak trees. We saw film makers, runners, birthday party goers, picnicers and singers all use this space at one time or another. It’s also home to Opera Holland Park. We didn’t officially go to the Opera but found a well placed park bench around the back and just sat and listened on a couple of balmy evenings.

There were a number of unexpected moments in the park too. Discovering there were peacocks and finding one of their beautiful discarded feathers was one, but we were also asked by the ‘Made in Chelsea’ film crew to walk along one of the paths with the dogs so they could film a short clip. Not to mention watching music videos in the making. Wonderful moments in time to make life so much more than just a walk in the park!

At the foot of the park is The Design Museum. It offers free entry although the special exhibitions charge a fee. It’s well worth a visit and will take you on a journey down memory lane whilst keeping an eye fixed on the future.

It’s super interesting with lots to see and inspire!

Marmite wasn’t actually on display – but it should have been! An iconic brand! (The blue reduced salt lid was news to me though!)

Sainsburys was featured highly in the displays (Cornflakes to Cola). I never realised they were so ahead of their time in consumer research, branding and equal rights in the workplace. Bravo!

We paid a visit to Garden Lodge, the former home of Freddie Mercury. There really is nothing to see except a tall brick wall and the subtlest signs that he is still revered. I’m glad we went though!

We paid a visit to lots of places actually! You’re right if you can spot the Albert Hall, the Church of Scientology, St Pauls and me outside Winston Churchill’s home (no, not the 10 Downing Street home, the other one!).

And yep that’s the magnificent and amazing Science Museum.


There was also time for another lunch with my Dad and some culture at the National Portrait Gallery.

This is cool and a bit freaky at the same time! (there’s no clever twist at the end so don’t watch for too long!)

Kensington is just around the corner from Notting Hill and Portobello market. It had to be ‘the whole shabang’, right?

We even got to see Bob Dylan in concert in Hyde Park! That’s a slight exaggeration!!! We got to hear Bob Dylan sing live… from a distance… with lots of other freeloaders who didn’t pay for a ticket either! I did wear my new shoes especially for the occasion though! Like ’em?

Motion sickness alert!! (My boyfriend makes me laugh!!!)

So I really should tell you a little about the place we called home for three weeks. It was a gorgeous three storey town house located just off Kensington High Street in a quiet road with its own private park (yes, just like in the Notting Hill movie!).

The house had every mod con anyone could possibly want and, much to Olly’s delight, a super comfy sectional couch! The park was a bonus which we sadly didn’t take full advantage of. We only used it a couple of times but it did make for a great breakfast location. Oh yeah, marmite on bagels! (Olly is not a convert – he’s still a hater!)

And so to our four legged companions! Florence and Frieda are sisters. Florence wears the trousers, period! Generally they were great company and well behaved. I say ‘generally’ because they’re Terriers and well, true to nature, they would have their odd moments!! Squirrel! We really enjoyed spending time with these two characters and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Our walks with them were always entertaining. Mind you they weren’t optional! We’d get very strong vibes and that look (the next photo says it all), both morning and evening, signalling time for ‘walkies’!! They loved to be out and about, ever hopeful of a chance meeting with a squirrel or two. Now where did I put those poo bags!

There’s one (a squirrel not a poo bag)!

We’d often walk into central London but from time to time we’d take the Limo, doh the bus! There’s nothing quite like sitting at the front on the top deck watching the world go by. Is that a Rhinoceros on the restaurant roof?

Occasionally some kind person would surprise me with a packed lunch! For those with keen eyes BOWL is the restaurant Olly and I will set up in our fantasy future – B O W L being our initials! Do you see what we did there?

Once in town we took in more shows – I think it became somewhat of an addiction. Another fabulous selection at great prices! One time we lucked out and scored an ice cream voucher. Yay, free ice cream! There is a god!

It was a strange time to be in England. The news headlines were in a whirl but as I sit and write this (now April 2020) it all seems rather unimportant!

All too quickly our London adventure was over and it was Brighton calling….again!

See you back here soon!

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