Expect the unexpected

This covers the period from January 16th 2012 until November 11th 2012

Just when you thought you had it all sorted!

OK – firstly you need to forgive me that this part is written in retrospect so the details may not be up to scratch. And secondly please realise that sometimes it’s better not to plan too much

So, the plan was to leave work in April and then see the world a few months later. Things didn’t quite go as I expected.

On January 13th I was asked to attend a meeting with my boss. He was to update me on the future opportunities available to me – more projects to increase my exposure to the business and senior management. Unexpectedly, today seemed the best day to hand in my career break request. A jaw dropping moment for my boss. The words “you must be mad” whistled around my ears. Strangely, I was pretty scared but never more sure that this was the right thing to do. I had always planned to leave on April 13th, Friday the 13th at that – hey 13 is my lucky number. As it happened I had to give 3 months notice so everything seemed to fit. You think??

The following Monday, yes 3 days later, the unbelievable happened. I got an email confirming I had successfully got through the auditions to be a performer in the Olympic opening ceremony. Who’da guessed. Not me that’s for sure.

This changed things!

I now needed to stay in the country until at least the end on July – smack bang in the middle of summer hols. Realistically, the end of September was now the earliest I would leave on my travels. Shit…..I would be out of work for 5 months. I needed to find another job.

To cut a long story short, on my last day of what seemed like a very long 3 months, I was asked if I would stay to support another project. It was an agonising decision but it was right to stay for a few more months. I could pay my household bills and add a little more to my travel funds. I have to admit there were times when I questioned my decision to stay but I met some great people in those 5 months and wouldn’t change that time for the world (you know who you are). I even got to meet Matthew Pinsent.

I decided to leave at the end of September but travel from mid November. It meant I had time to make my arrangements, sort out my house and stay for Dad’s birthday.

My leaving day was truly memorial. For all the right, and one alcohol induced wrong, reasons. Thanks guys

The 6 weeks off work were amazing. I managed to get the house sorted but more to the point I chilled and spent time with those treasured people in my life. I had the best time and still had my year ahead.

I closed the door to my house in the early hours of November 12th. Who knows what now – anything could happen.

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