In the beginning……

Well, this is a first for me!

I’ve kept travel journals before but they’ve been private and so the absence of a spell check option didn’t get a second thought. This is different. I want you to read my updates, share special times with me and ultimately know I’m OK.

In some respects this update comes from home and before my adventures really begin but on the other hand my journey started a long time ago. I’m only now gathering the courage to do this.

I have seven weeks left at work and then six months in which to make preparations for seeing more of this planet. I have (some) money in the bank but more importantly plenty of motivation in my heart. It’s an exciting (and scary) time which I am truly ready to embrace. Through this blog I hope to carry you with me as life opens out before me.

Once work is done I can focus on tidying away the old life and starting the new one. But……before then, I have the most amazing home grown adventure.

Rehearsals for the Olympic opening ceremony start on April 15th. Yes, I’ll be there… I’ve got the chance to be a dancer in the opening ceremony!!

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